Control Room Console

Our consoles for control rooms meet the needs of various sectors. The many years of experience we have in the field allows us to take care of every phase for the realization of the installations for control rooms. The manufactures conceived and designed by us for our customers are used in the radio, television, security and other sectors. We talk about high technology solutions, maximum quality and customizable on the basis of customer needs.

Direction Room Console

We design the fittings and furnishings of consoles for direction rooms. Our customers entrust us with their projects and give us their trust, in more than thirty years of experience we have become their reliable partner. Our service offered to our customers is totally customized and thanks to our professionalism and technical capacity we are able to produce functional solutions for control room consoles with innovative and long-lasting materials.

Radio Console

We design and make tangible fittings for radio consoles, adapting them to the recording and radio studios of our customers by responding to their requests. As in every project we realize, it is our prerogative to start from the analysis of the context in which the radio consoles will be inserted, each type of structure to the technical and acoustic characteristics. We study in depth your needs in order to set up the best studies making them efficient, functional and improving in every aspect of productivity.

One of our experts will help you in the realization of your project.

Rack Cabinets

We produce rack cabinets that can be used in equipment rooms on television and radio stations and in many other applications where there are servers and data storage systems. It is the care of our technical specialists in the implementation of the structure rack cabinet whose complementary service provides for the wiring and its installation. Each rack furniture can be made and customized in different sizes.

Broadcast Truck

Clients turn to us for the realization of control rooms, studios, direction rooms and TV broadcasting van with our furniture complements integrated in special consoles. The models we design are built with selected materials with a modern design and adapt to any technical environment. Most of the manufactures produced so far are custom, less frequent the standard ones.

Meeting Room

We are producers of ergonomic solutions such as chairs, desks or tables for offices and meeting rooms. We use exclusively prestigious raw materials made in Italy to build handcrafted furniture supplies with design finishes. During the preliminary consultation we outline with the customer every single detail guiding him in the choice of materials and customizing the furniture line to set up his business spaces.