Our control room consoles meet the needs of the most varied sectors. The many years of experience we have in the field allows us to take care of every phase for the realization of the installations for control rooms. We speak of high technology solutions, maximum quality and customizable on the basis of customer needs. STI International gives you the possibility to realize your environment for operating rooms complete with consoles, accessories and turnkey digital systems. You won’t have to have any worries.

Control room design incorporates ergonomic and aesthetic features including optimal traffic flow, acoustics, and worker health and safety. Ergonomic considerations determine the positioning of people and equipment to ensure that operators can easily enter and exit, interact with each other unhindered during critical situations or emergencies and minimise noise and other distractions. These Control Rooms, or Operations Control Centres, are designed to monitor 24/7 territory or work environments that require surveillance. Below you will find the available models:

Control Room Console Europe

Control Room Console Skyline

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Control Room Console Poliedro

Control Room Console Mecano

Custom Control Room Console


All furniture components have the manufacturer’s CE mark and comply with the following standards:

ISO 11064: Ergonomic design of control centers.

ANSI/HFS: Human factors engineering on control stations.

ISO 9241: Ergonomic requirements for office work with display screens.

IEC 60297: International Standard for Mechanical Structures.

EN 60950: Safety of Structures for Electronic Equipment standard.

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