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Specialized in technical
furniture since 1989

STI-International-Design-furnishings-control-room-cabinets-racks-control-rooms learn more Control Room Technical furniture for control room. STI-International-Design-furnishings-control-room-wardrobes-rack-video-wall learn more Directing Room Technical furniture for directing room. STI-International-Design-furnishings-control-room-cabinets-racks-recording-studios learn more Radio Broadcasting Studios Technical furniture for radio broadcasting studios. STI-International-Design-furnishings-control-room-cabinets-racks-video-wall-control-rooms learn more TV Broadcasting Technical furniture for TV Broadcasting studios. STI-International-Design-furnishings-rack cabinets learn more Rack Cabinets Custom made Rack Cabinets construction. STI-International-Design-furnishings-control-room-wardrobes-racks-video-wall-control-rooms-meeting-room learn more Meeting Room Technical furniture for meeting rooms.

S.T.I International: Design of custom made furniture Control Rooms

Customized furniture designs made to measure for Control Rooms, Control Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Ob Vans with rack cabinets, video walls, radio consoles.

With extensive industry experience, we are committed to offering customized and innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

From the ergonomic and functional design of Control Rooms to the precision and safety of rack cabinets, we ensure we provide products that improve efficiency and optimize space.

Trust us to transform your operating environment into an efficient, organized and technologically advanced space.

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The design of furniture for control rooms and rack cabinets is a constantly evolving sector where precision and efficiency are fundamental.

We’re here to guide you through this experience and show you how STI International can transform your workspace into something extraordinary.

What is a Control Room?

Let’s start from the basics. A control room is a room or area dedicated to the monitoring and control of complex systems, such as those used in power plants, military command centers, or television broadcast stations.

Usually a control room is used in sectors such as energy, telecommunications, the television industry and IT, it is the beating heart of operations, where all information is monitored and managed in real time to ensure efficient and safe operation.

This information is essential for making timely decisions and ensuring the correct functioning of processes. In the control room, operators constantly monitor system conditions, respond to any alarm signals and take corrective measures when necessary.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the monitoring and control systems present in these rooms, it is possible to guarantee a high level of safety and reliability, essential for many critical and sensitive activities.

What is a Rack Cabinet?

A rack cabinet is a structure designed to house and organize electronic and computer equipment in an orderly and safe manner.

These cabinets are equipped with rack-like shelving, in which devices such as servers, network switches, patch panels and other hardware components can be mounted and secured. Rack cabinets are widely used in various fields, including corporate computing, data centers, telecommunications, television and radio broadcasting, and also in industrial and scientific fields.

Practically, any industry that requires the installation and management of electronic equipment can benefit from the use of rack cabinets to ensure optimal organization, better cable management and greater ease of maintenance and replacement of devices.

In what areas are they used?

Control rooms and rack cabinets find applications in a wide range of sectors and industries, including:

  • Energy industry: In power plants and substations, control rooms are essential for monitoring and managing the production and distribution of electricity. Rack cabinets house control systems and automation equipment.
  • Television broadcasts: In television production centers, control rooms are used to monitor and manage live broadcasts, while rack cabinets house the technical equipment necessary for the production and transmission of content.
  • IT Industry: In data centers and data processing centers, rack cabinets are essential for hosting servers, network switches and other equipment, ensuring efficient management of computing resources.
  • Aviation: At airports and air traffic control centers, control rooms and rack cabinets are used to monitor and manage air traffic, as well as manage navigation and communications systems.
  • Railways: In railway control centers, control rooms and rack cabinets are essential for monitoring and managing train movement, coordinating timetables and ensuring the safety of the railway system.
  • Television broadcasts: In television broadcast centers, control rooms and rack cabinets are used for monitoring and managing television broadcasts, ensuring the quality and reliability of the transmitted signals.
  • Private sector: In corporate and commercial settings, control rooms and rack cabinets are used for the monitoring and management of internal activities, such as security, data management and internal communication, providing essential support for the correct functioning of the daily operations.

The advantages of STI International’s customized design

The advantages of the tailor-made design offered by STI International are multiple and fundamental to guarantee optimal and personalized solutions for each customer. Our philosophy is based on maximum customization, as we understand that each project has unique and specific needs.

Two fundamental points:

Maximum customization: STI International is committed to understanding customers’ specific needs and creating tailored solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

Use of high quality materials: STI International uses only top quality materials to guarantee the solidity and durability of its furnishings, ensuring peace of mind over time.

Our ability to listen carefully to customer needs and translate them into practical and innovative solutions is what sets us apart. Furthermore, the relationship with the customer is at the heart of our business: we firmly believe in the importance of establishing open and transparent communication, working closely with the customer at every stage of the process.

We also deal with the design and creation of a vast range of audiovisual and communication solutions, including video walls, control rooms, meeting rooms, and radio consoles. Thanks to our experience and expertise in the sector, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer.

Find out how STI International can transform your workspace! Contact us today for a free, personalized consultation. We are here to help you realize your ideal control room and rack cabinet project.


Design of custom made furniture control rooms, command center and rack cabinets for your company

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    Custom furniture

    Customized furniture designs made to measure for control rooms, control sales, operations centers, control centers, audio consoles

    Custom rack cabinet designs, 19 inch rack cabinets, 19 inch racks, server rack cabinets, 19 inch rack cabinets

    Customized designs of load-bearing video wall structures including or without screens dedicated to control rooms, control rooms, meeting rooms

    Customized control room console designs, personalized design for maximum efficiency and comfort

    Custom designed Radio Consoles, customized solutions for an impeccable audio experience

    Customized furniture design for meeting rooms: personalized design for successful business meetings

    4 easy steps




    Receive information, process requests and present solutions. All this in order to improve the performance of the system and protect the welfare, health and safety of human resources.


    Once the different possible solutions have been shared, the next step is to choose the one that best suits the needs of the spaces and systems, to make them compatible with the requirements, and to create the final layout.


    Unlike most of our competitors, we handle the entire process in-house, including production. That's why we offer customized solutions based on our customers' needs.

    Transport and Assembly

    With us you don't even have to worry about transport and assembly.
    We find the best logistic solution for your needs and our team of installers takes care of the assembly of our products both in Italy and abroad.
    Who we are

    The birth of S.T.I. International

    STI International was founded over 35 years ago by Roberto Porta, marking his departure from the industrial plant engineering sector.

    His initial adventure in the creation of bespoke technical furniture for the broadcast market was born from a request to build rack cabinets.

    From here he started the design of new products to meet the needs of emerging technologies, until STI International became a leader in the engineering sector of Made in Italy products.



    STI International is able to operate directly on the national and international territory and allow a more incisive technical-commercial action and support to the customer. The skills and the daily commitment of our men in the field are our value and our strength. What allows us, every day, to be close to our customers. Wherever they are. Today STI International for the high demand for supplies provides high quality solutions in any market in the world: Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

    Europe: Albania, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Macedonia, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Kosovo.

    America: Brazil, Canada, French Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Perù, USA.

    Africa: Algeria, Congo, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Cape Verde, Sudan, Kenya.

    Asia: Armenia, India, Iraq, Israel, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan.

    Oceania: Australia, Papua New Guinea.

    One of our experts will help you in the realization of your project.

    Our Market

    Sectors in which we operate

    Our company excels in designing and manufacturing advanced solutions for a wide range of industries. We offer specialized services for government, aviation and rail, TV and broadcast, broadcast radio, IT and private clients.

    With our experience we satisfy the specific needs of each sector, offering reliable and cutting-edge solutions.


    Government Agencies


    Aviation and Railways


    TV Broadcast


    Radio Broadcast





    Outstanding partners




    We have been designing and manufacturing standard and custom industrial lines, engineered products and ergonomic designs in Italy since 1989. With over thirty years of experience, we pride ourselves on the exceptional service we provide to our customers, from the initial conception of a project through completion. Operating in a variety of markets and industries, our team of specialists can draw on their experience, to create bespoke solutions for each client.

    Our wide range of product lines belonging to the category “technological furnishings” are illustrated here: CCTV Control Rooms, Videowall Systems, security control rooms, audio-video control rooms, recording studios, Broadcast environments, broadcast technologies tv ob van, consoles etc. We invite you to look below at what we have already achieved.

    Operating room

    Race Direction Autodromo Monza

    Model used: Europe

    » Extremely flexible system

    » Various floor plan configurations

    » Available version with lowered top

    Audio Direction

    Radio Maria

    Model used: Europe

    » Acoustic panels of our production

    » Extremely flexible system

    Radio Studio

    RAI Campobasso

    Custom Project

    » Custom materials

    » Soundproofing panels

    » Seamless integration with devices

    OB Van

    Radio Italia

    Custom Project

    » Our projects / achievements range from small van to the most complex trailers

    » We realize various customizations for each type of off-road vehicle 4×4 broadcast


    Design of custom made furniture control rooms, command center and rack cabinets for your company

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