Design and construction of customized rack cabinets

We produce rack cabinets that can be used in equipment rooms on television and radio stations and in many other applications where there are servers and data storage systems. The solutions of rack installations in question are guaranteed and of our direct production. Each of your request will be taken care of by our specialized technicians to follow you in the initial design process, to finalize each specification of a technical nature presented by you and then move on to the actual realization of the rack cabinet structure. Each rack cabinet can be made and customized in different sizes.

Our rack cabinets, widely used in the industrial, IT and telecommunications sectors, have a structure designed to neatly house network equipment and electronic instruments. They can also be equipped with standard and customised accessories for total product customisation.

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Welcome to the universe of custom rack cabinet design! If you are looking for tailor-made solutions to optimize your company’s technological space, you are in the right place.

Here we will explore everything you need to know about the benefits, features and possibilities offered by custom rack cabinet designs. At STI International, your trusted partner in the industry, we have the experience and expertise to meet your specific needs.

What are Rack Cabinets?

Rack cabinets are fundamental elements for the organization and management of electronic and IT equipment in corporate, industrial and technological environments. These are structures designed to neatly and securely house devices such as servers, network switches, patch panels and other hardware components.

Purpose of rack cabinets

The main objective of rack cabinets is to provide a centralized solution for managing and protecting technological equipment. Thanks to their modular and scalable structure, rack cabinets allow you to efficiently organize technological equipment, facilitating access and maintenance of the equipment.

Benefits of Custom Rack Cabinet Designs

Custom rack cabinet design offers a number of significant advantages over standard solutions.

  • Maximizing available space: Custom designs allow you to adapt the size and layout of cabinets to your company’s specific needs, thus optimizing the use of available space.
  • Optimized cable management: Tailored design allows you to plan for more efficient cable management, reducing clutter and simplifying maintenance and device replacement.
  • Optimized airflow: With customized solutions, targeted cooling and ventilation systems can be designed, ensuring optimal airflow to prevent equipment from overheating.
  • Adaptability to specific needs: Custom designs allow you to choose materials, finishes and accessories based on the needs of the company, ensuring that the rack cabinets fully meet the required specifications.
  • Integration with other infrastructures: Thanks to customization, it is possible to integrate rack cabinets perfectly with other company infrastructures, ensuring harmonious functioning of the entire technological system.

Custom design of rack cabinets: materials and finishes

Custom rack cabinet designs can be completely tailored to your needs, with a wide range of options and features available. You can choose from different materials, finishes and accessories, as well as customize shelf layouts, cooling systems and cable management.

This way, you can create an efficient and functional technological environment that integrates seamlessly with your company’s other infrastructures.

Application Sectors

Regardless of your industry, custom rack cabinet design can help you optimize the performance and security of your technology equipment.

Rack cabinets find application in a wide range of fields and sectors, including:

  • Enterprise computing: They are used in data centers and server rooms to house servers, storage, network switches and other computing devices.
  • Telecommunications: They are used in telephone switching centers and network infrastructures to house networking and telecommunications equipment.
  • Television and radio broadcasts: They are used in production and broadcast centers to house broadcasting and audio/video signal processing equipment.
  • Manufacturing Industry: They are used in factories and manufacturing sites to house industrial automation and control systems.
  • Security and surveillance: They are used in monitoring and control centers to host video surveillance equipment and security systems.
  • Medical sector: They are used in hospitals and medical centers to house diagnostic and medical monitoring equipment.
  • Scientific Research: They are used in research laboratories to house scientific equipment and analysis instruments.
  • Industrial sector: They find application in various industrial sectors to house control and monitoring equipment for production processes.

In general, rack cabinets are used in any context where it is necessary to house and organize electronic and IT equipment in an orderly and safe manner.

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At STI International, we are committed to providing custom-made solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. With our extensive industry experience and attention to detail, we can help you design and build the perfect rack cabinets for your specific needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to request a personalized quote and find out how we can transform your technological space!


Design of custom made furniture control rooms, command center and rack cabinets for your company

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    Rack Cabinet Models

    STI International has been operating since 1989 and with its production chain is able to serve every customer need by producing rack supplies to fit environments that have different uses.

    The key features that characterize our certified products are: high performance in terms of safety, robustness, flexibility and versatility.

    Our guarantee is to provide certified projects made in Italy.


    • Demountable structure made of extruded aluminium and die-cast corners.
    • Closing panels in wooden material (beech or cherry) or sheet steel.
    • Intermediate mobile upright with rack15/10 pitch perforation.
    • Couple of cable channels (on request).
    • Base with wheels


    • Compared to the AL model, the front Rack uprights can be retracted, allowing the assembly of instruments with very protruding parts, without them protruding from the structure.
    • In addition, they can be equipped with a front door in tempered glass with reversible opening.
    • Available in 5 depths and in heights between 12 and 44 RU.


    The AL/BS cabinets have a structure that allows the stowage of equipment of high weight, guaranteeing a capacity of over 800Kg.

    The AL/BS cabinets can be moved by means of 4 eyebolts located in the upper part of the base (capacity up to 600 kg), as well as on wheels (capacity up to 1000 kg).


    BEN series cabinets are characterized by a one-piece structure made of fully welded carbon steel. They are equipped with: n°6 galvanized sheet metal crossbars that allow the adjustment of the intermediate uprights, n°6 adjustable uprights in galvanized sheet metal.

    The cabinets have a rear door with double hinged door and closing handle.

    These Rack Cabinets can also be customized in several ways.

    One of our experts will help you in the realization of your project.

    creation of Rack Cabinets

    Why choose us


    Reception of technical information and analysis of needs.


    Study of the ideal solutions for the project and layout preparation of the choices made.


    We are direct manufacturers and are able to customize according to requirements.


    We install the products we produce both in Italy and abroad.

    armadi rack

    custom made furniture


    It is care of our technical specialists in the implementation of the structure rack cabinet whose complementary service provides the wiring and its installation. The manufactures of rack cabinets that we engineer and realize are tailor-made to be adapted to the context.

    The model with the highest market demand at the moment is the ALB 24U P800 rack cabinet. Here are some of its specifications and materials used: cabinet in sheet steel painted black. Lateral sides made of wooden material finish matched to the console. Front and rear doors. Sheet steel rack uprights. Arrangement for ventilation, excluding fans, wheels.

    AL/BS cabinets have a structure that allows a stowage of equipment of high weight, ensuring a capacity over 800Kg.

    The AL/BS cabinets can be moved by means of 4 eyebolts located in the upper part of the base (capacity up to 600 kg) and on wheels (capacity up to 1000 kg).

    The solutions designed by STI International are totally customizable.

    Quality finishes and customizations

    Custom Projects RACK CABINETS

    The furniture rack designed by us are widely used in: equipment rooms on radio links, broadcasters both television and radio, in all those applications where there are servers, electronic equipment etc.. The solutions we offer are aimed at companies wishing to rationalize and integrate their electronic systems. In addition, they are ideal for positioning in battery and thanks to their great versatility in terms of measures and composition offer a reliable solution for any type of design of IT infrastructure and broadcast. Other types of models produced by us are: ALB cabinet and BEN cabinet.

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    All furniture components have the manufacturer’s CE mark and comply with the following standards:


    ISO 11064Ergonomic design of control centers.

    ANSI/HFSHuman factors engineering on control stations.

    ISO 9241Ergonomic requirements for office work with display screens.

    IEC 60297International Standard for Mechanical Structures.

    EN 60950Safety of Structures for Electronic Equipment standard.


    Design of custom made furniture control rooms, command center and rack cabinets for your company

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