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Our control room consoles meet the needs of the most varied sectors. The many years of experience we have in the field allows us to take care of every phase for the realization of the installations for control rooms. We speak of high technology solutions, maximum quality and customizable on the basis of customer needs. STI International gives you the possibility to realize your environment for operating rooms complete with consoles, accessories and turnkey digital systems. You won’t have to have any worries.

Control room design incorporates ergonomic and aesthetic features including optimal traffic flow, acoustics, and worker health and safety. Ergonomic considerations determine the positioning of people and equipment to ensure that operators can easily enter and exit, interact with each other unhindered during critical situations or emergencies and minimise noise and other distractions. These Control Rooms, or Operations Control Centres, are designed to monitor 24/7 territory or work environments that require surveillance. 

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Control Rooms are operational centers where critical or complex processes are monitored and managed, they analyze the performance indicators of each service offered by a company and provide input to other departments.

They are spaces carefully designed to provide operators with a complete and immediate view of what is happening in the systems under their control. In essence, they are the hub of operations that require constant and responsive supervision.

In what areas are Control Rooms used?

The applications of Control Rooms are varied and range from the manufacturing industry to public safety, from traffic control to the supervision of critical infrastructures. In virtually any industry where continuous monitoring and proactive management of operations is critical, you will find a Control Room.

For example, in the oil and gas sector, Control Rooms monitor and manage extraction and refining plants, ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations.

In the public safety context, Control Rooms can be used to monitor surveillance cameras and coordinate incident responses.

Control Rooms allow you to have a panoramic view of a vast range of data and information in real time. This allows operators to make quick and informed decisions, intervening promptly in the event of an emergency or anomalies.

Impact of Control Rooms on company efficiency and productivity

Control rooms have a significant impact on business efficiency and productivity, as they offer a centralized environment for monitoring and managing operations.

Thanks to the availability of real-time data and advanced analytical tools, decisions can be made faster and in a more informed way, allowing companies to respond promptly to changes in operating conditions.

Furthermore, Control Rooms allow for better coordination between departments and more effective communication between teams, reducing the risk of errors and information conflicts.

The automation of many functions within the Control Rooms further contributes to optimizing processes and freeing up human resources for high value-added activities. Click here to discover strategies and tools to improve business efficiency.

Overall, implementing a well-designed and managed Control Room can lead to a significant increase in operational efficiency and overall productivity of the company.


How are control rooms structured?

The Control Rooms are carefully designed to optimize operational efficiency and ensure a clear and complete view of ongoing activities. From ergonomic layouts to advanced display technologies, every detail is designed to maximize performance.

Operator stations are strategically arranged to allow easy viewing of monitors and quick access to control tools. Furthermore, the Control Rooms are equipped with security and backup systems to guarantee operational continuity even in the event of emergencies or technical failures.

What are the professional figures who work in a control room?

Different professional figures specialized in operating and managing complex systems can work in a Control Room. Some of the more common figures include:

  • Control Operators: They are responsible for continuously monitoring the systems and activities within the Control Room. They operate control devices and respond promptly to emergency situations or anomalies.
  • Control Supervisors: They have a supervisory role over the work of control operators. They ensure that procedures are followed correctly, manage human resources within the Control Room and provide support in case of complex or critical situations.
  • System Engineers: They deal with the design, installation and maintenance of the technological systems present in the Control Room. These professionals are experts in using specific equipment and software to ensure systems function properly.
  • Data Analysts: They are tasked with analyzing data from the various sensors and devices present in the Control Room in order to identify trends, anomalies or potential problems. They use advanced analytics tools to interpret data and provide recommendations to decision makers.
  • Security Experts: They ensure that all security protocols are followed and that the Control Room is protected from external intrusions or other security threats. They collaborate with control operators to manage emergency situations and ensure the safety of personnel and resources present in the Control Room.
  • Technical Support Engineers: Provide technical assistance and resolve any technical issues that may occur within the Control Room. They are experts in using diagnostic tools and quickly resolving technical faults to minimize system downtime.

These are just some of the professionals who can be involved in the operation of a Control Room. Depending on the complexity and the sector in which it operates, other specialized figures may be present to meet the specific needs of the working environment.

Control Room Design by STI International

At STI International we stand out for the tailor-made design of high-performance Control Rooms. With extensive industry experience, we have worked closely with customers for years to understand their specific needs and create customized solutions that exceed expectations.

From the design of the physical environment to the selection of the most suitable technologies, our team of experts guides customers through every step of the design and implementation process, ensuring high-quality and reliable results.

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We provide specialized consultation, custom design and professional installation to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Leave nothing to chance and entrust the design and construction of your control room to us.

Contact us now and find out how we can help you optimize your control with a tailor-made Control Room.


Design of custom made furniture control rooms, command center and rack cabinets for your company

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    Our realizations

    Control room models

    Discover our standard control room models and how they can be the ideal basis for your projects. Explore our range and find the perfect solution for your control and monitoring needs.

    Control Room Model Europe

    The European Control Room model offers sophisticated control rooms for various institutions, from the Monza racetrack to railways, police and fire departments.

    Featuring a simplified console and versatility with hidden cables, it allows customization and movement of monitors for better data visualization. Thanks to their advanced and intuitive design, control rooms offer a highly efficient operating environment.

    Click here to watch the video of this control room project.

    Control Room Console Model Skyline

    We have designed and installed the Console Control Room Skyline model in television studios such as Rai, Ferrovie dello Stato and video control rooms. This model is characterized by a more stable and less modular structure, this console offers a solid foundation for daily operations.

    Its design aims to guarantee an optimal configuration for the control and management of workflows, offering reliability and advanced functionality for television production and direction needs.

    Control Room Model Poliedro

    The Poliedro Console Control Room represents a traditional but highly functional prototype, installed in the television studios of Telelombardia, the State Police and surveillance companies.

    Characterized by a massive and stable structure, it offers versatile and adaptable worktops to meet the specific needs of each operational context.

    Control Room Console Model Mecano

    The Mecano Control Room Console model was designed specifically for industrial control centers, offering effective management of company production processes.

    With a modular and versatile structure, this console adapts to the specific needs of each operating context, ensuring an efficient and organized work environment.

    The installation at the Magneti Marelli company attests to its effectiveness and reliability in providing advanced control solutions for the manufacturing industry.

    Custom Control Room Console

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    All furniture components have the manufacturer’s CE mark and comply with the following standards:


    ISO 11064Ergonomic design of control centers.

    ANSI/HFSHuman factors engineering on control stations.

    ISO 9241Ergonomic requirements for office work with display screens.

    IEC 60297International Standard for Mechanical Structures.

    EN 60950Safety of Structures for Electronic Equipment standard.


    Design of custom made furniture control rooms, command center and rack cabinets for your company

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